East Hartford CT - Spay & Neuter ProgramThe East Hartford Animal Clinic offers low-cost spay and neuter program for your cat or dog.

Provide your puppy or kitten with a long, healthy life by spaying or neutering to reduce uterine infections, mammary tumors and other common problems. 

The STITCH program includes:

  • Pre-surgical exam
  • Spay and/or neuter
  • Pre & post –operative pain medications
  • Distemper and Rabies vaccine (price does not change if they are current)
  • Fluids, if necessary

Program Fees:

  • Feline Spay/Neuter package: $135
  • Canine Spay Neuter package:
    • 0-30lbs: $230
    • 30-60lbs: $275
    • 60-90lbs: $400

*Dogs over 90 pounds do not qualify for STITCH program.
*Additional $75 fee is applied to a female dog that is in heat (no additional fee for cats in heat).
*Additional fee of $100 for any pregnant dog and $80 for pregnant cats.

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